1.  All the students admitted to the college shall keep the identity card with recent passport size photograph duly attested by the Principal. All payments, issue of certificates etc. will be made to students only on production of the identity card. The students shall produce their Identity cards as and when the teachers, office staff and other members of the college service demand it. Any tampering or disfiguring made on the identity card will be viewed seriously.

2.  Every student is expected to greet the teachers respectfully when they meet them. Students are expected to be courteous, decent, cultured and pleasing in words and deeds inside and outside the college

3.  Students are required to be neatly and suitably dressed in the class and on the college premises. Coloured dhotis should not be used. Boys shall not tuck up their dhoti while they are on the campus

4.  The Principal is the disciplinary authority entitled to suspend, dismiss or take any other punitive action on the misconduct of the students. Misconduct shall include
      a) Staying away from classes without sufficient reason.
      b) Disrespectful behaviour towards the staff.
      c) Disorderly behaviour in the Campus
      d) Organizing tours without the permission of the Principal

5.  No person from outside is allowed to organize meeting or meet students in group inside the college campus. No student shall leave the class room without the permission of the teacher.

6.  No notice /pamphlets or petition of any kind shall be circulated among the students without the permission from the Principal.

7.  At the first bell the students shall rise up from their seats for college morning prayer. They shall rise when the teacher enters the class and remain standing till he/she directs them to sit down.

8.  Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited in the College Campus and classrooms, Library and laboratories, as per court order no--The offenders will be levied with fine and mobile phones will be confiscated.

9.  Smoking, chewing, consumption of alcoholic drinks, use of narcotic drugs, snuffing and other unhealthy practices are strictly prohibited in the campus.

10. As per High Court Order on writ appeal No.535/2003 and judgment on review petition dated 20 February 2004, all strikes, demonstrations, agitations, dharnas, gheraoes and the like are banned in the college campus. Students who violate the above rules are liable to be dismissed from the college. Therefore, students shall keep away from all sorts of agitations like strike, disturbing classes, taking out processions, uttering slogans etc in the college premises. Students shall not bring flags, placards, leaflets, pamphlets, notice boards, banners, posters, or any pubilicity material of the political parties or students organizations to the campus.

11.  Students shall handle all college property with care. They are expected to do whatever they can to protect and promote the beauty and dignity of the college. Students shall switch off light and fans when not in use, students shall not waste and misuse drinking water.

12.  No meeting of any kind shall be held in the college without the written permission of the Principal.

13.  Malpractice in exams and test papers will be severely dealt with and punishment might amount to expulsion from the college.

14.  The Principal reserves the right to frame, interpret and enforce rules governing the conduct of students as and when found necessary.

15. Irregular attendance, Insubordination to teachers, indifference in class, habitual mischief making, obscenity in deeds or words are sufficient reason for suspension or dismissal of a student from the college.