Stem cells collection by NSS

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is one of the most prominent and outstanding social service programmes in the college. It consists of two units of hundred students each. We aim at the overall personality development of the students through social service. The activities help in inculcating social harmony, leadership qualities, compassion, love of humanity and national integration. The students involve themselves in many innovative and constructive activities for the benefit of the socially backward people in the locality.

We believe that NSS activities can mould each individual to be responsible citizens who can lead the country into progress and prosperity. The exemplary work done by the SNG College NSS units are the following:

Padheyam :
A charity programme of distributing lunch packets to the patients in various hospitals in Kozhikode city, regularly.

Organic farming :
As a part of International Soil year in 2015, we started organic farming in college campus. We have been successful in instilling an organic food culture among the students and the community. We planted plantain, vegetables and other crops.

Other activities included :

  • Helping the very poor cancer patients to buy medicines.
  • Cleaning and repairing and maintaining the toilets in Calicut City.
  • Cleaning the Calicut bus stand on a regular basis.
  • Conducting regular camps and other activities.
  • Visiting households and creating an awareness among the people about the management of plastic waste and the dangers of drug abuse and organized 'Run campaigns' in the village about organic farming, against drugs, values in life.
  • Collected plastic wastes and engaged in plastic recycle program with the local community.
  • Visited special schools, old age homes and spent time with them and also visited hospitals to help patients. These are some of the types of programs that we organized as NSS team.

  • NSS - I for India Run for Chennai - Mini Marathon 24 Dec 2015 organized by Chinmaya Yuv Kendra