Sree Narayana Guru College, Chelannur, affiliated to the University of Calicut, offers three PG courses and seven UG courses. The students are admitted as per the regulations of UGC and the University of Calicut.

Programmes offered

UG Degree - Core and Complementary Courses

 Botany Chemistry and Zoology
 Mathematics Physics and Statistics
 Physics Electronics and Mathematics
 Economics Modern Indian History & Indian Constitution and Politics
 Malayalam Sanskrit
 English Social and Cultural History of Britain & Journalism
 Commerce Finance

PG Degree
 MA English Language and Literature
 M A Economics


1.  Students are not ordinarily admitted except at the beginning of the first term. Prior sanction from University is required for admission of student from other colleges in the middle of the course.

2.  Application for admission must be made in the prescribed form bearing the college seal. The application form can be had from the college office on Payment of Rs.30/- either directly or by sending Rs 40/- to the principal by M.O. If the application form is to be sent by post, a self addressed envelope should be enclosed. The application duly filled in with the true copies of all certificates attached should reach the college office after receipt of the marklist of the qualifying examination. The self addressed stamped interview cards should be attached with the application.

3.   The upper age limit for admission to UG and PG program shall be 21 years and 26 years respectively.

Attendance: A student shall be permitted to appear for the semester examination, only if he/she secures not less than 75% attendance in each semester. Attendance shall be maintained by the concerned Department. Condonation of shortage of attendance to a maximum of 9 days in a semester subject to a maximum of two times during the whole period of a Degree Programme may be granted by the university.
1.   There shall be two sessions a day, one in the forenoon and the other in the afternoon.

2.   Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. Absence during one period will be counted as absence for the session.

3.  Late comers shall not enter class without the permission of the teachers.

4. Leave for single period may be granted by the teacher concerned at the beginning of the particular period.

5.   A student coming late will lose half a day's attendance, but the teacher in charge may, if he/she thinks fit, mark the student present.

6.  Repeated absence from the class will be treated seriously.

7.  In the case of absence from any test paper or composition or other exercise, the paper or exercise missed must be answered and the answer paper or books should be submitted to the teacher concerned. Otherwise the student shall not be given his/her attendance.

8.  Each student is expected to keep his/her own record of his/her attendance. The list of the attendance gained by the students till the end of every term will be published on the notice board. Students shall examine the list and report if there is any discrepancy and also see that they do not fall short of the minimum percentage of attendance required.

9.  The annual certificate of attendance and progress required by the University for admission to the University examinations will be granted subject to the following conditions.
(a) The certificate will not be granted unless a student has completed the course instruction to the satisfaction of the college authorities, and his/her progress and conduct have been satisfactory.
(b) The minimum attendance of 75% of the total working days of the year required for the annual certificate is absolutely necessary for promotion and for admission to the University examination.
(c) Students whose attendance fall below this minimum shall apply for exemption, through the Principal ,to the University. The application for exemption shall be accompanied by a treasury receipt for Rs.100/- The reason for each day's absence will have to be explained. In the case of absence on account of illness, a medical certificate also has to be submitted.


1. National Loan Scholarship

2. National Merit Scholarship

3. National Scholarship to children of school teachers.

4. National Scholarship to Physically handicapped

5. State Government Merit Scholarship

6. University Merit Scholarship based on marks in the qualifying examinations

7. Temple Entry Proclamation Memorial Scholarship

8. Sports Scholarship


With a view to improve the general atmosphere of the college and to provide opportunities for closer contact between staff and students, the tutorial system has been introduced in the college.

No application for the exemption will be recommended by the Principal unless he/she is satisfied that the shortage of attendance was due to causes beyond the student’s control. Ordinarily only prolonged illness will be accepted as the reason for condoning the shortage of attendance. Absence without leave will not be condoned under any circumstance.


1.  Students applying for any certificate or corresponding with the Principal must state in their application all particulars required for identification viz. full name with initials, class last studied with class number, admission number, group or batch to which they belonged, and the year in which they left the college. When reply by post is desired, a stamped and self addressed envelope must be enclosed. Where the above details are not given a search fee of Re. 1/-will be levied.

2.  A student of past or present desiring to obtain a certificate will have to apply to the Principal in writing.

3.  No certificate will be issued to those who have to clear any dues to college.

4.   No fee will be levied for the issue of Transfer certificate either at the time of the student leaving the college or if applied within one year of his leaving the college after the completion of the course or discountinuance of studies.

5.   A fee of Rs.10/- will be levied from those who apply for Transfer certificates a year after leaving the college. An additional fee of Rs.25/- will be charged on those who apply for duplicate copy of the Transfer certificate. Those who are applying for duplicate transfer certificate shall produce an affidavit signed In the presence of a first class judicial magistrate in stamp paper worth Rs. 50/- stating the Transfer certificate issued to the student has been irrecoverably lost.

6.  Ordinarily a notice of five days will be necessary for the issue of a certificate of any kind and will be issued only if the student has cleared all the dues to the college.

7.   Conduct certificate is a document which a student has to earn. It will not be issued as a matter of course. Normally conduct certificate will not be issued one year after the student leaves the college.

8.  The pass certificate of the qualifying examination and the marklist surrendered in the college office at the time of admission to the college and the marklist of the University examination a student was presented from this college shall be taken back by the student within six months of the completion of this course. The college will own no responsibility for certificates, SSLC Book, marklists, pass certificate etc. if any, retained after six months of completion of his/her course or his/her discontinuance from studies.